Hello, my name’s Claire and I live in the UK. Welcome to my blog.

I love books, films, music and television programmes, so I thought I’d start this blog to share my views with the rest of the world. After a few years, I’ve come to realise that I nearly everything here is about books, so I’ve decided it’s time for a change and to just include my book reviews.

I read between between two and five books a week, mainly fiction including some classics, although some science, travel and biography as well. My favourite authors include Jane Austen, Mary Wesley, Jasper Fforde, J.K. Rowling, Jose Saramago, Meg Cabot, Alexander McCall Smith, Sebastian Faulks, Mark Gatiss and Alexandra Potter.

I enjoy films from most genres, both new and old. My favourites are The Philadelphia Story, Now, Voyager, A Room With A View, Strictly Ballroom, and Amelie. I know these all sound a bit girly, but I do enjoy other types of films as well! I like The Bourne Identity, James Bond, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, and Best In Show.

My favourite music is jazz, and love Ella Fitzgerald, Claire Martin, Harry Connick Jr., and Louis Armstrong. I also like pop music as well, including Lily Allen, Madonna, George Michael, and Lone Justice. I also listen to a variety of other styles including classical, latin, world, R&B, dance, rock and soul.

My favourite television programmes are Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Who (mainly the new series) and Torchwood, but I also love a lot of sitcoms (Friends, Dinnerladies, Spaced, Home Improvement, Yes Minister, Yes Prime Minister, Frasier, The Good Life, The Book Group, Roseanne, Ever Decreasing Circles), as well as Hustle, QI and the River Cottage programmes.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering … Chesil Beach is one of my favourite places, a beautiful beach stretching along the West Dorset coast in England.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear what you think, so please add your comments to any posts that interest you.


5 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Thanks Claire for your great record of the Strictly series. What a find. Have saved it for future use when I have questions of what happened when. Are you going to produce a similar blog record for Series 6??


    Sara V

    (I know Chesil Beach… great place.)

  2. Thanks Sara. At the moment, I do intend to do the same type of blog for series 6, as long as time permits. It does take quite a commitment to document each and every ITT as well as the two weekend programmes, but I love Strictly so much, I’m sure I won’t mind too much! I’ve still got to update the results pages with the first series and some of the Christmas specials, but I’m getting there, and it’s nice to know that other people have found it useful.

  3. I love popping in here from time to time. Your thoughts on the books you have read always make for an interesting read – and there have been one or two that I have added to my ever increasing wishlist!

    • Thanks, Chrissy! Glad to be of service. I wish I had more time to write reviews for every book I read, but I try to make sure I put down my thoughts on the ones that have stood out for a reason – good, bad, disappointing or surprising.

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