“Emotional Geology” by Linda Gillard

Back to my Kindle again with Emotional Geology by Linda Gillard. Rose has moved to island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides to try and make a new start in life and immerse herself in her work as a textile artist. She makes friends with her neighbours and is attracted to the neighbours brother, Calum. She must then decide whether she can come to terms with her previously tumultuous relationships and her own enforced estrangement from her daughter enough to be able to move on with her life and the promise of love in the future.

I really enjoy reading Linda’s books. There is always more to the love story than meets the eye, with intelligent, realistic heroines, often damaged in some way by life, but with an interesting story to tell. I loved the descriptions of the textile art too, as I’ve always been fascinated by people who can create art from a craft, and be inspired by the world around them (I can follow instructions, but don’t have the imagination to create my own designs), and loved how Rose was inspired by poetry. I thought the descriptions Rose’s mental health condition from both Rose’s and other people’s points of view felt honest and believable, and it was interesting to read Rose’s explanation of why she was choosing to reduce her medication at times.

Another good read, and I’ve got Untying the Knot by the same author on my wishlist to read at some point in the future too.


One thought on ““Emotional Geology” by Linda Gillard

  1. Thanks very much for this review (which I’ve shared on my Facebook author page). I was very pleased to hear you’d enjoyed EMOTIONAL GEOLOGY. It’s not exactly a comfortable read!

    You’ll find UNTYING THE KNOT similar in some respects. It’s set in the Highlands (mainland this time) and mental health issues lie at the core of the story, but it’s essentially a love story with a lot more comedy than EG. I hope you enjoy that one too if you get around to it.

    Btw I liked the little photo of EG on the Kindle. 🙂

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