“Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons: Travels in Sicily on a Vespa” by Matthew Fort

Date finished: 7th April 2012

Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons is a travelogue with a foodie theme. Twenty three years after he first travelled to Sicily with his brother Tom, Matthew Fort, an award winning food writer and critic, decides to embark on a trip around the island to find out more about the food of this part of Italy, and how it varies from the mainland.

I’ve read this book in a couple of days, and have been persistently hungry and salivating throughout the experience! I love the mixture of travel and food, and the idea of a middle aged, portly English gentleman pootling around on a bright red Vespa and eating what sounds like amazing local, seasonal food was a perfect mix for both the sunshine of yesterday and the grey drizzle of today. There were many interesting people to meet and dishes to sample as well as the hunt for the best gelati and the search for the road signs to lead him in the right direction, to make this a joyful romp around an area of Italy that has previously seen a variety of rulers including the Spanish, that have influenced the food of the region.

Another added bonus was the variety of recipes of some of the dishes he enjoyed at the end of each chapter, meaning I can add this to my cookbook collection to try some of the mouthwatering dishes I read about.

A perfect read for a holiday weekend.


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