“Free Love and other stories” by Ali Smith

Date finished: 27th March 2011

Ali Smith’s short story collection Free Love and other stories exceeded my expectations. I’ve read some of her novels, including Girl Meets Boy which is my favourite book ever, but Smith has actually been more prolific as a short story writer and I was worried that they wouldn’t captivate me as much. I was completely wrong. Her writing completely embodies what I love about the short format. She captures a moment in time of the subject, expressing the joy, the sorrow, the love, simply the emotion, and all within the few pages of the story. As I read each story, I felt that I knew the characters, was glimpsing their life for a brief instance, and was completely satisfied with the time I spent with them. Some writers write short stories that feel as though they are a cut down novel, or never feel complete, leaving you wanting more of the characters lives or stories, but Ali Smith gets it right for me. A truly wonderful book.

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