“Colonel Brandon’s Diary” by Amanda Grange

Date finished: 20th April 2012

The diary starts back in 1778 when Brandon is still at university and comes home to visit, and asks Eliza to marry him, and follows through their story, before joining up with Sense and Sensibility and his relationship with the Dashwoods.

As with the others I’ve read in this series, I’ve loved seeing one of my favourite books told from a different perspective, and the diary format works wonderfully for this. I think it’s such a clever premise to start them earlier and give more body to the earlier lives of our heroes, and expand on the little back story that we know from the Jane Austen original.

One thing I felt with this book was how much younger Brandon felt, even twenty years after it starts, you still feel there’s a youthful side to him, despite the image of himself he projects, and it is especially awakened when Marianne comes into his life.

Another thoroughly enjoyable book in this diary series from Amanda Grange.

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