Where are all the book reviews?

I have to admit, I got out of the habit of posting book reviews or anything else about reading for a long time, and after a brief interlude where I tried posting about some of my other interests, I’ve decided to try and come back to blogging more about my reading.

So what’s been happening in my reading since *gasp* last February?  My kindle took over my reading choices last year, as I’ve found it such an enjoyable way to read books, and I think the majority of last years reading was either new kindle ebook purchases or library books.  This has lead me to this year starting a challenge to read all the books I already own, both paperbacks and ebooks, so that I can get to the stage where I can buy a book to read as and when I’m ready for it.  I’m finding it much easier to stop buying too many books in Waterstone’s now (the only book shop reasonably local to me), especially since they’ve stopped the 3 for 2 offer, and I’m making the conscious decision to only buy paperback books that I think I will want to keep in future.  I’m now down from 71 books when I started the challenge to only 21 waiting to be read now (and I’m part way through three of those) and have to admit, feeling a little bit smug with myself.  In order to help me try and make it an achievable target, there are a few exceptions to my book buying habits – excluded are choices for the reading circle on the Book Club Forum, books for my local reading group, and for my other challenge for 2012, My Year With Jane Austen, which I’ll post about separately.

I’m going to pick out a few of my favourite reads from the last year or so and post some reviews, and attempt to start reviewing my current reads as I go, so hopefully there’ll be lots of activity here to reinvigorate my little piece of the blogosphere.

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