“Hotel World” by Ali Smith

A young chambermaid, Sara, has fallen to her death in a hotel. The five tales in this book follow five people linked by their relationship to the hotel and to Sara.

Another fantastic book from one of my favourite authors, Ali Smith. Every one of her books is full of emotion, and this one looks at five lives intertwined by their links with an hotel. There are so many themes running throughout the five tales, but all revolve around the death of the narrator of the first story, Sara, a chambermaid who has fallen to her death in the hotel.

I must admit, I’m not usually very good at picking up themes and allegory in novels, but I could see how Smith has woven the different stages of grief into the five stories, using both close family members, witnesses and bystanders to explore the effects of death and grief.

There is something very moving about Smith’s writing, and I’ve loved everyone of her books I’ve read so far. I still have to investigate her short stories, and have a collection on my shelf waiting to be read.


2 thoughts on ““Hotel World” by Ali Smith

    • I would definitely recommend Girl Meets Boy which was such a joyful book to read. It’s part of the Canongate Myths series and a modern re-telling of Ovid’s myth of Iphis. An absolute gem.

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