“Adventures on the High Teas” by Stuart Maconie

I adore Stuart Maconie’s writing; he has quickly become my favourite travel writer. In this book, he’s looking for what Middle England is, and in themed chapters based on subjects such as food and music, he searches the country to try and find the meaning.

His quirky view of the world hits the spot every time with my own sense of humour. His descriptions of the places he visits and the people he meets are warm with an air of nostalgia, but always feel authentic.

I laughed aloud, chuckled, smiled and fondly remembered childhood experiences along with him. I loved this look at real English life, he recounts the tales of the people he meets and places he visits with charm and even when poking fun at them, it always done with fondness for England. It isn’t at all a rose-tinted view of the country though, and he does highlight the bad as well as the good he finds, but he does seem to be able to find some good almost everywhere.

A fantastically entertaining read.


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