“Flyaway” by Lucy Christopher

The second book from Lucy Christopher that I’ve read in as many weeks, although this time aimed at a slightly younger audience – probably 10-13 year olds – but another fantastic book.

Isla finds herself in a distressing situation when her father is taken seriously ill while they are out together looking for the migrating swans arriving at the lake near their home. Through Isla’s story we find out how the different members of the family deal with his illness along with the longstanding feud between her dad and her grandfather. A young cancer patient at the hospital befriends her and an art project gives her the inspiration to try to help a young swan, while all the time the family find ways to cope with the trauma of her fathers health.

The characters in this book are all utterly believable, each having their own ways of dealing with the worry and uncertainty of illness, and Isla is a convincing, sympathatic narrator. Although the story of the swan teeters on the brink of fantasy, it is also wonderfully written and brings together the many threads of overall plot.

I can’t wait to see what the next book from Lucy Christopher will be, but I know that I will be first in the queue at the bookshop to get it.

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