“Martin Lukes: Who Moved My Blackberry?” by Lucy Kellaway

When I worked for an insurance company, one of the few perks was having access to a free copy of the Financial Times. Not because of any of the business news, but because of the brilliant column from Lucy Kellaway. I had no idea she’s started writing novels, so when I came across this one in Waterstone’s, I just had to pick it up.

For anyone who works in an office this is a must read. Even as I sit here writing the review, I’ve got a huge grin on my face because this was a screamingly funny book, but a sometimes cringingly too close for comfort look at the politics of modern business.

A year in the life of Martin Lukes, a director at A-B Global (UK), this story is told purely from emails and text messages sent from the man himself. The reader gets occasional glimpses of company wide messages, but never gets to see responses to Martin’s mails, only the replies he sends, so you have to work out the other side of all the conversations, but it’s fairly obvious and actually adds to the enjoyment.

Office politics, work life balance and the aspirations of a man in full mid life crisis mode give so many opportunities for anyone who works in the modern business world to identify with someone in the story. It’s like a literary version of buzz word bingo!

I absolutely adored this book, and it did make me laugh out loud a lot, as well as sit grinning like a Chesire cat while reading. Kellaway has lost none of her observational or satirical skills since I last read her column, and I will be definitely be looking for more of her books.

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