“Devil In Disguise” by Julian Clary

Molly is a young singer/actress while Simon sees work as a means to an end, which is to earn enough money to be able to go out and get drunk, and the two of them been best friends since first meeting in college. While Molly is away with a touring theatre company, she stays in a boarding house run by the eccentric Lilia Delvard, whose fame and fortune days are long gone. It’s difficult to say much else about the plot without giving away too much of what will happen (I’ve even cut down the synopsis, as it gives away a little too much!).

Another fantastic piece of devlish humour from Julian Clary. I read his first novel earlier in the year, and when I saw this one in the bookshop I just couldn’t resist. It was wickedly funny, but with such a warmth for its characters, I found it unputdownable. I also lent it to a friend and he also devoured it in a single sitting, saying it was brilliantly funny and a total page turner.

It’s not perfect as I felt the denouement was a tiny, little rushed, but Clary certainly seems to have a flair for storytelling, and I will definitely be looking out for more!

A final comment as a Strictly Come Dancing fan – I loved the little mentions for the Strictly judges, particularly as the book was written when Julian was performing in the tour, but I can’t remember if it was a coincidence or whether he renamed the character of the landlady, but at the time he was partnering Lilia Kopylova, so I’m not sure if she should feel flattered or offended!

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