“Dead Witch Walking” by Kim Harrison

The first of a supernatural series, Dead Witch Walking follows white witch Rachel Morgan, who quits her job as a runner working for Inderland Security (IS). No-one gets to walk away from their contract at IS without paying a price, usually with their life, so Rachel has to find a way to outrun the assassins and set up her own agency in order to make a living. In order to do this, she decides she’ll find the necessary evidence to out one of the city’s most respected businessmen, Trent Kalamack, as the drug lord she believes he is.

I hadn’t been intending to start another supernatural series of books, as I’m already engrossed in far too many, but I was out for the day and close to finishing the book I had with me, and picked this one up from a charity shop to tide me over until I got home.

Although it is set in the US, there was something about it that made it seem more global than the other series of books I’ve been reading. I think perhaps it’s because the Sookie Stackhouse and Anita Blake series are both set in southern states, whereas Harrison has set her book in a big city, Cincinnati, and it gave it a more urban and cosmopolitan feel, which I liked a lot.

However, on the whole, I though the story itself wasn’t anything out of the ordinary in this genre and the characters didn’t really grab me.

One thing that probably also put me off was the typeface and the size of the book. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I found it difficult to read, and the book was slightly smaller but thick, which I found made if hard to hold comfortably, and I think this had an adverse affect on my enjoyment of the book in general.

I certainly won’t be dashing out to by the next one, but if my TBR pile ever diminishes to next to nothing, I might consider picking up more of the series.


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