The “Airhead” trilogy by Meg Cabot

Em Watts is an intelligent, sensible, ordinary teenager. After a freak accident in a store, Em wakes up in hospital and is a completely different person. The Airhead trilogy follows Em’s story to find out what has happened to her (book 1), how to live with her new life (book 2) and how to bring justice the people responsible (book 3).

Meg Cabot writes in her easy, familiar way, with her usual flawed by sympathetic heroine, and it’s a great thrilling ride although quite far-fetched!

The story incorporates themes of family, friends, peer pressure, multi-billion dollar corporations and celebrity culture, but it’s overriding focus is how today’s society concentrates on looks and appearance. Meg does try to show how there is room for all types of look and being pretty or beautiful is not the be all and end all, and that everyone can look good by making the most of what they’ve been born with. She also tries to push the idea that everything you see in the media (newspaper, magazine, video and film) is faked to look perfect and that no-one looks that perfect naturally. Additionally, she endeavours to promote the importance of education which can only be a good thing!

I’ve decided to review the three books together because read as individual books, I’m not sure how much sense they make. Although Meg’s books tend to stick to around the 300 page mark, I actually think this would have benefited from being incorporated into a mega-thick single volume anthology to be read in one go. I read the first two one after the other, but unfortunately, the third one isn’t actually published in the UK yet, so I bought an import from amazon in order to finish the trilogy, so I guess that must give you some idea how much I enjoyed it!

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