“Shadow Kiss” by Richelle Mead

Back to St. Vladimir’s Academy for the third book of the [I]Vampire Academy[/I] series, and for me, this series has now kicked up a gear. Rose may have made her first Strigoi kills, but she still has to prove her skills at school, and guarding anyone other than Lissa is a struggle. But it’s not just being away from Lissa that’s hard, she thinks she’s starting to see ghosts …

The ongoing saga of Rose has ratcheted up a notch, and I read the story with my heart in my mouth a lot of the time, as the electrifying connection between her and Dimitri runs as a simmering undercurrent that eventually bursts up to the surface, while the menace from the Strigoi keeps the sense of peril mounting throughout to the thrilling conclusion.

I am now (not so) patiently waiting for the next book to be delivered to the library for me to collect and continue the story.

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