“Frostbite” by Richelle Mead

The second installment of this YA Vampire Academy series continues in much the same vein as the first one. After escaping from Lissa’s uncles scheming of the first book, Lissa and Rose are not long back at school before the threat of the Strigoi causes the majority of the student population to decamp to safety of the Moroi ski resort for winter break, but trouble is never far away …

I still find the unpronouncable names irritating, but the less than subtle pointing out clues to what’s going on seemed less obvious this time around.

I like the development of the characters, and I love that Rose is such a strong individual, determined to make herself the best dhampir she can, and even with her own doubts and failings, she still holds her own.

A nice change of scene as well, taking the students out of the school setting to the ski resort allowed for a look into the wider society of the vampires in this world, and broadened the story of Lissa and Rose, and where they might end up in the future.

Enjoyable story, and I’ll keep going with the series, although I’m only borrowing from the library, not buying them as I don’t think they’d stand up to multiple readings.

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