“Hush, Hush” by Becca Fitzpatrick

It’s another YA fantasy and the second one I’ve read this year about angels. Teenager Nora has recently lost her dad and her mom is working away from home a lot. She finds herself drawn to the new boy in class, Patch, but with his alluring, dangerous attraction she tries to resist falling for him. It’s not long before creepy things start to happen, making Nora think she may be the target of something sinister, and finds herself at the centre of a centuries old battle.

It may not be highly original and it may not be anything earth shatteringly literary, but what it is, is a fast paced, thrilling page turner with a believable and surprisingly unannoying heroine. The action whips along nicely throughout, there are some chilling scenes that make you wonder how it’s being done, and I liked the resolution of the plot.

However, it was a bit predictable and there were some clichés and stereotypes, so although I didn’t know how Nora was being manipulated, I could see who was causing the mayhem, who the good guys were and who the bad guys were. I did also find it slightly unbelievable that Nora would be left alone at home quite so much, and that her mother would be missing from her life so often despite the pressures of keeping the household running as a single parent, but it did allow the author to build the suspense well.

There are definitely some story threads that haven’t been fully established or explained, so I imagine this is probably the first of a series of books, and these other plots will be developed in future installments.

If you like the current crop of fantasy books that Twilight has brought to the fore of the YA market, then you’ll definitely enjoy this one as one of the better ones.


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