“Queen of Babble Gets Hitched” by Meg Cabot

It looks like Lizzie Nichols is getting her happy ever after: Luke has asked her to marry him, she’s loves working at Chez Henri and after the wonderful press she received from her first big commission, her wedding dresses are now in demand, and she also gets to plan her own dream wedding. So why does she break out in hives every time she thinks of it?

This book was a perfect girlie escape for a lazy Sunday. I love Meg Cabot – her books never fail to keep me turning the page and to cheer me up, no matter how fed up I am when I start reading them. Thankfully, the blurb on this third book in the Queen of Babble series doesn’t give away a major plot point that happens almost at the end of the book (as the second book did), and was a fitting resolution to Lizzie’s story.

Lizzie gets the opportunity to prove to herself how strong she is, and despite the fact this is a romantic novel, Lizzie manages to resolve her own problems and become an independent woman. This is why I like Meg Cabot’s writing. While her characters have fun, fall in love, fall out of love, have adventures, make mistake and do all the ordinary things that normal girls and women do, they always end up being their own salvation and finding their own solutions to their problems, and never have to rely solely on a man or even their friends to get them out of harm/trouble/bad relationships. Strong (even if they don’t know it themselves), but flawed, heroines, and great fun, and the books are always a perfect pick-me-up when I’m feeling jaded or a fun way to spend my relaxation time.

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