“The Reckoning” by Kelley Armstrong

Another fantastic page turning thriller from Kelley Armstrong, in this, the final book of the Darkest Powers trilogy. Despite the short period of time covered in the three books, the characters are very well developed, and the suspense is palpable as they grow even closer while trying to figure out just who is on their side and how they will escape the clutches of the Edison Group.

Fans of Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series will recognise the various types of supernaturals in the world she’s created for her books, and I imagine it’s a great way for her to capture the imagination of teenagers who will undoubtedly want to read move of her work as they grow up.

I’m glad to see this was written as a trilogy, and whilst it doesn’t neatly tie up all the loose ends, it does provide a fitting end and closure on this particular episode of the lives of Chloe, Derek, Steve, Tori and Liz, but is an open enough ending to return to some or all of them at a later stage, or even bringing them into the wider Armstrong world in her other books.

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