“Ghost Hunter” by Michelle Paver

The last book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness books, Ghost Hunter is a fitting, thrilling, heartbreaking finale to a fantastic series of books. I have loved reading the six books that make up the series, beautifully written with a wonderful use of language, but full of action and, although firmly based in the real world, the fantasy elements seem otherworldly yet still completely realistic and believable.

Torak is now fifteen, and although his life is far removed from the modern world we know, he still has to struggle with all the emotions and choices any teenage boy would need to make, but added to that, he knows he is special and must face his destiny and defeat Eostra to save the Clans.

The beauty and the importance of nature and the elements in a prehistoric world have been one of the many joys of reading these books. So much research has gone into hunting methods and the landscape of the world, but with seemingly effortless ease, it blends into an thrilling, action-packed tale of good against evil. The plot it kept tight, and there is no meandering off onto tangents, or introducing characters or plot lines which are merely padding. Every word seems to be necessary and this makes the books incredibly readable and genuine page turners.

I loved every book in the series, and this last one did not disappoint.


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