“Cider With Roadies” by Stuart Maconie

Many people will know Stuart Maconie from radio or television. Some will know him as a writer, but there will be a certain contingent who will know him as NME writer. This memoir tells his journey from a three year old Beatles fan, through the fascination with rock, Northern soul, punk and pop which lead to a career as a music journalist.

My first encounter with Stuart Maconie the author, was his book Pies and Prejudice, after which, I was convinced I would love his musical memoir, not just because he has a distinctive style of writing that I loved, but as with most people, music had a huge influence me during my teenage years. So it was with mounting trepidation that I became worried during the first half of the book, because although I was still treated to the same humour and warmth for the subject, I wasn't enjoying it as much as I'd hoped. I'm about a decade younger than Maconie, and I think had I been the same age, I would have loved the book in its entirety, but I found I just couldn't relate to the opening chapters, as I had no memories I could attach with that time period. But then, suddenly, I was transported to the late 1970s with my first musical memories were reawakened, and I was slap bang in the middle of my childhood and teenage favourites. I suddenly found the book I'd been dreaming of from the beginning. By the end, I was laughing out loud, nodding knowingly and eventually putting the book down with a contented sigh.