“The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop” by Lewis Buzbee

The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop is a memoir from reader, book seller, author, but most importantly book lover, Lewis Buzbee, who takes us through his introduction to the world of books and his love of book stores, and incorporates the history of the book and the development of the book trade.

For anyone who loves the the very tactile nature of books, this gem is a must. The author has worked in bookshops as well as a publisher’s sales representative from an early age, and has spent a lifetime enveloping himself in the world of books.

He describes how the first spark the stated his fascination with books, the bookshops that inspired his choice of career, and the current state of the book industry. But more than this, he tells the history of the book itself, as well as the education he received from others on the make up of the book, with facts about books and bindings casually mixed with tales of how he learned the information himself. There is more of an emphasis on the constantly changing face of book selling in the last thirty of so years, and the effect of the internet and technology in the current publishing industry, and a look to where the future may take books.

After learning an important lesson as a young man about judging people by they read, there is no prejudice or elitism about readers or books, or about independent bookshops, multi-national chain stores, or even internet sellers, just an account of one persons continued love of books.

For all book lovers, as well as book shop addicts, this book is a must, although it should come with a warning, as it will make you want to hunt out every bookshop in every place you ever go!


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