“Honey and Dust” by Piers Moore Ede

Piers Moore Ede is living in San Francisco when an horrific road accident while cycling down one of the famous hills transforms his life forever. It’s hard enough dealing with the physical injuries, but back home in London, managing the depression that he starts to suffer from, he yearns for the open countryside and natural world. After spending time volunteering on a farm in Italy, the owner rekindles Piers interest as a lifelong lover of honey, and embarks on a journey of discovery around the world searching out ancient and modern forms of bee-keeping and honey collection. Through the book we learn about not only the fascinating world of apiculture but also how Piers comes to terms with the changes in him following the accident.

This is a wonderful book, in every sense of the word; for example, reading about the tribes in Sri Lanka who hunt for honey filled me with wonder – that the tribes are still able to survive, the methods of hunting, and the risks involved, as well as the wonderful honesty of the author in talking about the depression he suffers from, and the impact it has on his life. There was a mix of history, nature, travel and apiculture in the book, as well as the personal emotional journey of recovery, and was a very satisfying read.

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