“Busy Woman Seeks Wife” by Annie Sanders

Alex may be an excellent marketing executive, organized, efficient and dedicated, but when it comes to her domestic life, she’s seriously lacking. Her washing machine is broken, the leaking shower is causing complaints from the neighbour in the flat below, and when she arrives home from her latest overseas business meeting, her cleaner is otherwise engaged in Alex’s bed! Telling Saffron, her best friend who is a full time wife and mother, Alex receives a telephone call informing her that her mother has fallen off a stepladder and broken her arm, and is going to need supervision in her convalescence. With another business trip on the cards, Saff comes up with a brilliant idea to get someone to help Alex with all areas of her home life, and writes the advert to be placed in the local paper – Busy Woman Seeks Wife …

This is the third Annie Sanders book I’ve read, and it is probably my favourite one so far. Annie Sanders is actually two writers, Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders, who write both non-fiction and fiction books together. Their novels definitely need to be placed in the “Entertainment” category of my reading, as they are pure escapism. Characters are always real people with real lives, who have flaws and problems but who you grow to know and love through the course of the book. This one is no exception, with five main characters to get to know, each of them is important to the plot as well as having their own story to develop.

Annie Sanders books will be placed squarely in the chick-lit genre, and while there is nothing wrong with that, I feel their books are much more about the observation of the lives of their characters social situations, than about the standard romance-led chick-lit novels, dealing with issues of motherhood and careers in the 21st century. They are warm and funny, full of charming people who are recognizable as people we all know.

Annie Sanders are quickly becoming some of my favourite chick-lit books to read, and “Busy Woman Seeks Wife” is no exception. If you like authors like Jane Green and Sophie Kinsella, and are, like me, getting a bit too old for mainstay of chick-lit, the twenty-somethings searching for true love, then I would definitely recommend this book for you.