“Me and Mr. Darcy” by Alexandra Potter

New Yorker Emily Albright is on yet another hopeless date, with a man who can’t even hold the door open for her. As a bookworm since an early age, she knows the type of man she’d love to meet – Pride and Prejudice‘s Mr Darcy! Brooding, intelligent and handsome, he’s recently been voted the man most women would love to date, and Emily is no exception. Desperate to avoid an 18-30 holiday in Mexico her best friend has organised, she finds a flyer for a literary tour of Jane Austen’s England and immediately signs up.

When she arrives, however, she finds she’s on a tour-bus full of elderly ladies, and wonders if she’s done the right thing, especially when the objectionable journalist, Spike, joins them so that he can interview the ladies to find out more about why women love Mr. Darcy.

Me and Mr. Darcy is a lovely, easy, fun read, perfect for chilling out with in the evening, or a beach read on holiday. Personally, I didn’t like the magic realism elements that had been added to the plot, and would have preferred for the story to be based on reality instead.

Alexandra Potter is one of my favourite writers of romantic comedy books, Going La-La being my favourite chick-lit book ever, with that one and What’s New, Pussycat? as her first two novels standing out as her best work. In addition to a smart, funny story, I also loved cover designs of the books. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but the covers of these two books perfectly matched the style and content of the stories. I was disappointed with the next three books, the stories weren’t as strong, and had lost some of the humour and the sassy style of the heroines, and with a couple of changes of publishers, I didn’t like the cover designs either! Me and Mr. Darcy looks like the start of a return to her earlier form, although, for me, not quite there yet.

If you love funny, romantic stories to relax with, I would recommend you read Going La-La and What’s New, Pussycat? first, and if you like those, try this one next. By all means read the others in between, but for me they aren’t as good as the first two.

One thought on ““Me and Mr. Darcy” by Alexandra Potter

  1. hi, i have read what’s new pussycat twice now and i think it is such a deepand meaningful book which canmake you think of the situation you have settled in.
    i think it would be great as a film as it makes me laugh and cry every time i read it

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