“First Among Sequels” by Jasper Fforde

The latest in the Thursday Next series, finds us moving forward fifteen years to 2002. With Landen uneradicated, Thursday and her husband are dealing with their son, Friday, who is being a typically awkward teenager, refusing to join the Chronoguard, even though the whole family know it is his destiny, and are also bringing up their two daughters, Tuesday and (trying to break the days of the week formula) Jenny.

SpecOps has been disbanded, and Thursday is running the a carpet and flooring company … or is she? It’s actually a front for former SpecOps agents who are still carrying out their work underground, and Thursday is still working for Jurisfiction in BookWorld.

Trying to juggle family life and her job, whilst not letting onto Landen and the children that she is still effectively working as both a SpecOps and a Jurisfiction agent, Thursday is struggling to maintain normality in the real world, as well as having to deal with not one, but two very familiar cadets trying to become Jurisfiction agents.

Another great story from Jasper Fforde, with some wonderful twists and turns, for both major and minor plot points and characters. The thing I love about these series of books is that they don’t really seem to be separate stories, and that even though they all have a definite ending, there are always some little threads of plot that are picked up on and woven into one of the next books, and it feels like a warm, comfy place to revisit on each occasion. First Among Sequels is both funny and clever, with a loving nod to both classic and contemporary fiction and fictional characters, although as I’m a huge Austen fan, I would have loved to have had more Pride and Prejudice involvement in the plot, just because it’s one of my favourites and would have loved to have seen it have the same involvement in the plot as Jane Eyre did in The Eyre Affair, but that’s just me being picky. I did, however, love the idea that all the comedy had been stolen out of the Thomas Hardy novels.

Overall, another great novel by Jasper Fforde, and I’m already anxiously waiting for the next one!

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