“Hurricane Gold” by Charlie Higson

Hurricane Gold is the latest in Charlie Higson’s Young Bond series. On the criminal haven on the Caribbean island of Lagrimas Negras, a deadly game is played out for those who break the rules. Meanwhile, James is with his aunt recouperating from the injuries sustained in his last escapade, when during a tropical storm the children of the family he is staying with are kidnapped and he gives chase to try and save them.

Charlie Higson has created a great series of books based on the life of a young James Bond. Using the adult James Bond as the blueprint, Higson writes tales that show how the experiences of childhood developed this famous character, whilst always being cracking adventure stories. A genuine page turner, I loved reading this book, and I finished in a single sitting as I couldn’t bear to put it down. The plot twists and turns from one explosive incident to the next, with the requisite amount of violence and death required of a good Bond story, and the excellent climax is fantastically exciting and full of suspense.

If you like the Young Bond series, and haven’t tried the Anthony Horowitz Alex Rider series, I would strongly recommend them.


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